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How to extend the service life of scaffolding

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We know that the use of scaffolding is limited to ten years, in theory, but often due to inadequate maintenance, deformation, wear, etc., the use life is greatly shortened. There are also improper storage, resulting in the loss of some accessories from time to time, all of which greatly increase the production cost. To extend the service life of scaffolding, pay attention to the following points:
First of all, take the bowl-buckle scaffolding as an example. During the construction, the construction must be strictly in accordance with the plan to avoid unnecessary wear. Some parts of the bowl-buckle scaffold are easily damaged, so it is necessary to have certain experienced professionals to carry out the construction, which can effectively reduce the loss and ensure the safety of the operation.
Second, keep it properly. When placing scaffolding, take waterproof and moisture-proof measures to avoid corrosion. At the same time, the discharge is orderly, which is convenient for standardized management, and it is not easy to cause confusion or loss of accessories. Therefore, it is best to have a dedicated person responsible for the storage of the shelf and record the usage at any time.
Third, regular maintenance. Anti-rust paint should be applied to the shelf regularly, usually once every two years. In areas with high humidity, it is required once a year to ensure that the shelf will not rust.
For companies engaged in scaffold leasing, extending the shelf life can increase the utilization rate and create more revenue. Of course, when the service life stipulated by the state is reached, we have to do scrap processing in accordance with the regulations, which is directly related to construction safety and corporate reputation.





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