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Acceptance standards for scaffolding projects

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The inspection specifications for scaffolding projects mainly show the following aspects:
1. The quality of the materials used for scaffolding must meet the requirements.
2. The scaffolding has a solid foundation, no water, and has a slab that meets the requirements.
3. The horizontal error of the full length of the large crossbar shall not exceed 6cm. The straightness error of the vertical rod shall not exceed 1/200 of the erection height, and the deflection of the small crossbar shall not exceed 1/150 of the length of the rod, and the spacing of the rods shall meet the planning requirements.
Scaffolding project
Scaffolding project
4. There must be a satisfactory connecting wall point, one for every 4m in the straight interval and one at the 6th m in the horizontal interval, and the connection to the building is strong and reliable.
5. The work layer plank should be strict, flat, and stable, and the corners should be circled (that is, the vertical scaffold board and the horizontal scaffold board are crimped in place). The length and width of the plank should be in place, and there should be no probe board. The raw materials of the scaffold board meet the requirements.
Scaffolding project
Scaffolding project
6. Work surface protection, stand up safety net with toe board or tie two guard rails, add 18cm toe board, and seal the end of the working surface.
7. The safety net must have the factory certificate and the inspection certificate, and the flat net should be high outside and low inside, tightly overlapped in pairs, and the force is even. The vertical net and the large crossbar are bound firmly, and the bottom of the vertical net should be pressed under the scaffold of the working surface. (Mostly failed)
8. After the external scaffolding is erected, it must be checked and signed by relevant personnel before it can be put into use. Achieve layered erection, layered inspection, layered application, and timely reinforcement when problems are found. After passing the inspection, the outer scaffolding is not allowed to be dismantled or modified without consent.





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