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Dismantling and maintenance of scaffolding

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In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to the topic of "maintenance". If anything wants to extend its service life, it must be protected and repaired to keep it in a normal state. At this time, how to do its maintenance work is very necessary. Scaffolding is a very important carrier in building construction, so doing its maintenance work is responsible for the safety of building construction. So how should the scaffold be maintained?
Scaffolding installation
1. Where there is any bending or deformation of the rods, they should be straightened first, and the damaged components should be repaired first to ensure that they can be used normally during construction.
2. Scaffolds in use (including corresponding accessories) should be returned to the expenditure database and stored in categories in a timely manner. When stacking in the open air, ensure that the storage area is flat and well drained, with supporting pads underneath and covered with a tarpaulin. Accessories and parts should be placed indoors.
3. For rust removal and anti-rust treatment of accessories, apply anti-rust paint at least once a year in areas with high humidity (greater than 75%). Fasteners should be oiled, and bolts should be galvanized to prevent rust. If there is no condition for galvanizing, it should be washed with kerosene after each use, and then coated with engine oil to prevent rust.
4. The fasteners, nuts, backing plates, bolts and other small accessories used in the disc scaffolding are easy to lose. The extra parts should be recycled and stored in time when they are being erected, and they should be checked and accepted in time when they are removed, and they should not be left in disorder.
Formwork system scaffolding 01
And pay attention to the dismantling of the corresponding scaffold after use:
⑴. When the shelf is removed, set aside the work area, erect warning signs around and set up special personnel for supervision, 8 special personnel command, and prohibit non-operating personnel from entering.
⑵. The high-level workers who dismantle the shelf wear safety helmets, fasten seat belts, tie their legs, and wear soft-soled shoes before they are allowed to work on the shelf.
⑶. When removing the vertical pole, hold the vertical pole and then remove the last two buckles. When removing the large cross-bar and the scissors support, you should first remove the middle buckle, then hold the middle, and then untie the end buckle.
⑷. Demolition of the scaffold must be directed by a dedicated person, echoing up and down, and coordinated in action. When untie the knot related to another, you should notify the other party first to prevent falling.
Shandong scaffolding
⑸ The dismantled materials should be tied to the rods with ropes, and be transported slowly by pulleys. Throwing is strictly prohibited. The materials transported to the ground should be dismantled and transported according to the designated place, and stacked in categories. The fasteners shall be cleaned on the same day and dismantled on the same day. It is necessary to recycle the lubricating oil on the part of the bolt to be rotated.
⑹. In the demolition operation, there are parts that need to be reinforced, which should be reinforced and then removed to prevent the frame from collapsing.
⑺. It is strictly forbidden to bump the power cord near the scaffold during dismantling to prevent accidents.
⑻. During the demolition process, no replacement is allowed in the middle. If a replacement is necessary, the demolition situation should be explained clearly before leaving. It is forbidden to carry out the demolition work alone.





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